A tribute to Flacky and his ball(s)


Today, on Tuesday the 25th of July, Steve Flack plays his last ever game in an Exeter City shirt. This is the tribute that the editor of Exeter.no has written in Flacky’s testimonial programme against Torquay.

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Manager shock: It’s NOT Jimmy!

Jimmy Quinn was by far the favourite to become City’s next manager. In a shock text message tonight to Exeter.no, Jimmy, however, says he did not get the job. That means that either Shaun Taylor or Paul Tisdale will be announced as Exeter’s next manager at Monday’s press conference at ten AM GMT. Watch this space for more information!

- Jimmy improved everyone

Exeter.no has interviewed the chairman of the Norwegian top club that might feed Exeter with their next manager. And no, we’re not pulling your leg.

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Premiership club wants to help Exeter

- Exeter City will always be my club, and I’d love to help them out with players, says the Academy Manager of England’s most successful club this season.

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Sir Alex out - or maybe not?

As always, a lot of heavy criticism for manager Alex Inglethorpe on Exeweb after City is beaten (even after losing against a team unbeaten at home!). Check Sir Alex’updated stats after 1.5 years as City’s manager, and make your own judgement.

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Flacky reveals new club!

First he scores his first hat trick ever. Then, at the top of his career, Steve Flack reveals the new club he has promised to sign for in June. Exeter.no tell you the whole story.

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Ian Huxham

Hux is gone – now what?

Four of City’s most profiled supporters in recent years give their views on Monday’s shock resignation of Ian Huxham, City’s Managing Director.

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City quiz

First quiz of the season – and a unique Norwegian City pin to be won! Tell us which two famous players that are pictured on the right, what game the photo is from and the result of the match. The first person with all answers correct drawn out of the hat will receive the pin by first class mail. E-mail your answers to me, Marius G. Vik, by Friday 14th of October. MV

Gravesend pics

Good day out at Gravesend. Great result. See the pics here!

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Our man at Gravesend has taken photos of the latest Grecian trend – City tattoos.

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Yeah, it is the only pic you'll find of Mr Crockford if you google, I'm afraid. Far better looking in real life, though!

Summer shambles

In his monthly column, legendary City fan and writer Alan Crockford tells us why he is not too happy with the going ons at the club this summer.

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New City site – contributors wanted

Exeter City Supporters’Club of Norway (ECSCON)’s internet pages (www.exeter.no) have risen from the dead, and were relaunched last week with a long list of contributors promising better days and regular columns. Most of it in Norwegian, for obvious reasons, but ECFC legend Steve Flack and former ECFC fanzine editor Al Crockford has both promised to contribute with regular columns each month in both English and Norwegian (might have to help them a bit with the last part, we’ll see..), and there are also other articles being written every now and then in English – feel free to have a look at this site!

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Now, we are not talking about why Junichi Inamoto was brought to Arsenal. In fact, we have made our own “Flacky’s gonna get yah” t-shirts, that can be yours if you book them NOW!

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Flacky: - We are not nuns!

Les Afful might play like one in front of goal, but Flacky reveals sensational information about the other City players and their drinking habits.

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ECSCON – how it all started

Exeter City Supporters Club of Norway was formed in Oslo on June 2nd, 1993, after Norway had beaten England (again?!) in a World Cup qualifying game. We didn't get Lord Nelson or Lord Beaverbrook, but at our regular pre-match boozer Highbury we got the two famous City supporters Roger Kendall jr. and Dominic Sanders instead. What a perfect match!

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City's "Could have beens XI"

“This player is going to make it - big time!”, and “This one is something special, so good that he’ll be Britain’s first £10.000.000 player”. Heard it before? Then you meet him regularly down at your local, finding out he is now a full time scaffolder? Marius has put up his favourite “Could have beens XI” from 1993 – 2005.

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Who are yah? Go here to find out who we are!

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One of the best tours ever?

Almost recovered from the Devon weekender now, this must have been one
of the best tours ever in the history of Cricket. And Football. And
Drinking. Feedback from 14 fellow Norwegians definitely says the same,
people are just EXTREMELY well pleased with all aspects of the tour.
'Good weekend, shame about City', as Al suggested it should stand on a

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Flacky: - I think I'll fainth!

Read what Flacky had to say before the big game ot OT in January.

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