Exeter City FC Pre Season to Bergen July 14 - 18th
Team arrives in Bergen during the evening on British Midland flight from Heathrow staying at a hotel at Bryggen in Bergen.

Supporters meeting place; From 19.00 at Madam Felle Pub. The pub is located on Bryggen, just off the Radission Blu Hotel. We have a discount on the draft beer all day long there; NOK 55 for 0,5 (Saves NOK 17 per pint, Bergen lads be warned; It's Ringnes)
You need to whisper the code word Exeter to the bartender to get this rate. Seriusly!
Perhaps a decent pub crawl to see Bergen afterwards? 
Places like Fotballpuben and Garage are safe choices, the later serving Cider on tap as well...Also the place Tracteuren inside the small streets of Old Bryggen is worth a visit, extremely expensive local beer (Ægir Vikingmjød at NOK 92 for 0,5, but ok price on small Norwegian dishes for less than NOK 100 during the day)
(The orginal meeting place Dr. Wiesner will soon transform into a Spa, and has just 100 litres of beer left in the tank!)
Here is an updated list of beer prices in Bergen
Article in local paper BA Thursday 14. Juli about the Supporter Club.
Fana FC - Exeter City KO 18.30 Stadium: Fana Stadium. Map.

We aimed for Brann Stadium, perhaps next time! Fana Stadium has a nice pitch, and although it also is a track and field ground that might not be ideal, is has a covered stand - essential in rainy Bergen! Info on travel to the ground below. Article in local paper Fanaposten about the game
Please note that this game is hosted by Exeter City Supporters Club of Norway!
Ticket will be NOK 100 per adult/NOK 50 for children under 14. 
Supporters meeting place at Victoria Pub in City Centre. Open just for Exeter from 16.00 on Friday, and curry will be served for us after the game, around 20.30 and onwards.  Cosy and relaxed place in the early evening, will not be many more than Exeter there for the first few hours, more busy later in the evening.
Beer is NOK 40 per person before 17.30 (special Exeter price), NOK 49 after the game. 
Curry is NOK 80.- (Just after the game)

Address is Kong Oscarsgt. 29. Map 
Look out for the signed Exeter City shirt on the wall! If the staff can find it again that is...  

Travel to the ground: Private coach from Victoria Pub at 17.30 SHARP (Meet at the pub from 16.00 and onwards), then transfer directly back to Victoria for a curry after the game. Travel time about 25 minutes each way.

Most of us will be at the ground a few hours before the game to organize the game, but we will have people at Victora as well to take care of the coach, and to make sure you take advantage of the cheapest hour of beer on the tour! 

Fana will include new Brann striker Tadas Labukas

PS! Exeter will have a training in the morning at 11.00 on the pitch next to Brann Stadium. Take Bybanen directly there if you would like to see them in action!

If you have never been to Bergen before, than a suggestion will be to take the Funicular up to Mount Fløyen during the day and enjoy the view, and perhaps walk down again. You can also take the cable car up to Mount Ulriken and hike to Fløyen, but that will take 4 - 5 hours. Another option is to see Bergen by boat from Bryggen, and even go for a fishing trip if you book in advance. 

Os FC - Exeter City KO 15.00 Stadium: Kuventræ, Os.  Map

Os is a lovely place 40 minutes drive outside Bergen, and hopefully it will be a lovely day for Exeter and the supporters as well. Here is the game plan for the mighty Grecian supporters;  

13.00 Sharp; Meet outside the hotel Radisson Blu Bryggen for private coach to pick us up.
13.45: Arriving Os Kuventræ Stadium.
14:00: Presentation by Steve Perryman and Julian Tagg to local football staff (and us!) talking about Exeters develoment.
15.00: KO.
Please note that Kuventræ is a bit "strange", as it's about a mile from the small stands to the pitch. Bring your binoculars, Crockford- style.
17.00: Bus back towards Bergen, stop en route to buy local beer (Hansa!)

"Does the beer in Norway cost 10 pound a pint?!?" Yes - that's why we have the vorspiel; drink at home before going to the city; and that's what we are inviting you to today! So:

17.45: Arriving "Casa del Paradis" , the home of Exeter City Bergen Captain Øystein and his girlfriend Bente. Location.
 As it says in his Facebook page; " A home for everbody that loves ECFC"  Aaah! 
All very welcome, it might be a bit thight with 30 + in da house, but they are used to it! A simple and strong curry will be served by our Master Chef Kez! NOK 100 for food.

22 - 23ish; Travel to the city centre by the infamous Bybanen, (Cost NOK 25)  meet at Victoria Pub. (The Vic) 
Os Turn Fotball currently occupy 5th place in Norwegian 3rd Division (4th level). They are a club with a long tradition, and has played in the second level in Norway, although that is a long time ago. They are a typical community club, with strong local support.  Stadium has a capacity of 3000, hopefully 200 will go to see the mighty Grecians, although this really is the biggest holiday week of the year. Team colour is yellow, so perhaps the local Torquay...

Nice article and pictures about the game on local Os news website last week.

Follese FC - Exeter City KO 17.00 Place: Skogen, Askøy. Map.

Follese play in division 4, and is also a club with more than 80 years of tradidion. Their manager Eirik Nødland used to play for Exeter City Bergen, but is now on holiday in Devon!  Also we will lend them our young(ish) Exeter City Bergen talent Jahn Erik "Kez" Askeland, a skillfull and hard tackling defender/striker.

They have a nice ground located at the Island Askøy, 30 minutes drive from Bergen. 
That means that once again we need a coach to get us there;

16.00 Sharp: Meet outside the hotel Radisson SAS Bryggen for private coach to pick us up.
16.25: Arriving Skogen Stadium. Entrance 30 NOK.
17.00: KO
18.45: Possible Exeter vs Exeter 1 x 10 min! TBC!
19.00: BBQ with staff, players and Supporters at the ground. Price for food; NOK 100, Beer 0,5 NOK 50.-
19.45: Return to Bergen.

Supporters and team social event in the evening. This will hopefully be the big night for an informal meeting with the staff and players. Place: Madam Felle, the large pub located at Bryggen, just around the corner from the Radisson Blu Hotel. 
Once again NOK 55 for 0,5.
Suggestion will be to go to the large night club Ricks afterwards, only place with any people on a Sunday night in Bergen.
Team returns home in the afternoon.  Bring on Division 1, Stevenage away, 15:00 on 6th August! 

Exeter City Supporters Club of Norway came into existence on 2nd June 2 1993, and since then numerous trips, games and friendships have happened because of that first meeting.
There is also a strong bond between the key football personnel at Exeter and that of Brann Bergen, which has made this trip a reality.
Exeter City Supporters Club of Norway would like to dedicate all our efforts and the joy of this Pre-Season tour to our friend Dom Sanders, who sadly passed away on June 13th. Dom was there on that day in June 1993 when we met three friendly Exeter Supporters in Oslo, and he would have been here too with us to enjoy Bergen this summer. This is for you Dom.
We are now working hard to cover all aspects of the tour; the practical, the economic, and the football to make this an enjoyable experience for the team and the supporters.
Yes, Norway is ridiculously expensive; flights and accommodation certainly do not come cheap but there is nothing we can do about that but say thanks to those who are making the trip in the middle of the Holiday Season. For those that are still deciding whether to make the trip, GO ON, you know you will only regret it if you don't!
So far, we estimate that the number of supporters wearing red & white will be at least 25 from the UK; and 10 - 15 from Norway - unless you know different in which case get in touch! Neil Le Milliere is co-ordinating the UK supporters and you can contact him at neil_le_milliere@btinternet.com
Information and updates will appear here before and during the trip, including pictures and match reports