Almost recovered from the Devon weekender now, this must have been one
of the best tours ever in the history of Cricket. And Football. And
Drinking. Feedback from 14 fellow Norwegians definitely says the same,
people are just EXTREMELY well pleased with all aspects of the tour.
'Good weekend, shame about City', as Al suggested it should stand on a

Hopefully we can make this more or less an annual event, although the
tour of 2004 will be hard to beat, and might very possible be the tour
our grandchildren will hear about in 2050.

Hopefully we will be able to pay you back if you decide to have another
go at Norway at some stage, although I fear that we will have to hire
Neil and Garno on a week- to- week contract to make the right

Some personal highlights from the tour:

Tunnel on Banzai, followed by an (unintentional) elbow in the ribs on
the same man during 150 mins of football at Regents Park.

Karaoke on the Generator, Rossi (invisible on the pitch, but scores our
goals) creates mayhem with 'What a wonderful world'

Soya sauce flying during 5-course dinner in Chinatown at 01.30.

Man of the day: Banzai, should receive an Oscar for that fall.

Frodo waking up very thirsty with no water, drinking whisky as
replacement throughout the day, making him break into sentences like
'what's going off?' and constant giggling of his own jokes.

Emptying the train for Stella en route to Exeter.

Being met by Exeter chairman Dave Treharne and given a Trust- shirt
after 10 seconds in Exeter.

The masterpiece of the weekend: Cricket and tea at Clyst Hydon.

Kodak -moment: Jannicke hitting the very last ball in the game and
Norway winning the game against Exiles with just one run.

Good chat with Dazza at Legends event.

Marius making grown men cry with his 'it's all about the friendship'
when being interviewed by Mark Tyler. (Although we all know that this is
no longer true, it's now all about revenge on those cheeky Norwegians in

Man of the day: Frodo.

Pre- match hours at the White Horse and in the E&E lounge, optimistic as
ever. Good chat with Steve Perryman. He knows lots of people in Bergen-
so perhaps a tour of 2005 for the FC could be arranged?

Giving the captain a loud 'come on Cronin' while walking over to Big
Bank, receiving two raised fists in return.

EXCELLENT atmosphere on Big Bank. Nostalgia as people were flying
everywhere and children cried after Copps gives us 1-0. Pretty good game
actually, obviously a bit typical with the other results.

Boat- trip in brilliant weather to beautiful Turfs Lock.

A-ha and Europe nostalgia at the Wearhouse.

Cunning plan at the Warehouse; to get McCaffrey as drunk as possible to
stop your top- striker. Lot's of Norwegians buying him a drink, forcing
him to hire Mr Lippiett and Mr Borthen as (thirsty) bodyguards.
Obviously the cunning plan backfired on us...

Comment of the day: I have played for Alan for two years, and I still
haven't understood a word of what he is saying. (Gonzo)

Man of the day: Anonymous Exiles member for reasons best left unknown.

Scoring after ten seconds at St. James’Park with a delicate chip from
about 285 yards, only to be flagged down for offside by linesman.

Feeling Banzais revenge when he hit me with a solid tackle. Nice to see
that our referee, Mr Steve Flack, was up for the challenge.

Downer: Loosing 3- 0 to Exiles. Well deserved, but we will get you next

Thanks for a brilliant weekend everybody!