Til min store overraskelse spilles Aldershot-kampen ikke søndag, men tirsdag. Ei heller går den ikke live på TV, men klokka 0100 sendes det highlights fra kampen (evt. hele, skal man tro linken under), melder Setanta (Satanta?).


Neil forklarer:

Tue 02 October 2007 Aldershot v Exeter 19:45

Oh joy, an evening trip to that most welcoming of places.

I'll work out more details on my return from Woking but it's also from
Waterloo and a slightly longer journey of between 43 minutes and an hour or

The fare also goes up to about 7.75 with a rail card.

Interestingly I have it on reliable information that this game has been the
subject of quite a bit of to'ing and fro'ing. First it was moved from
Saturday to the Tuesday for Setanta to show it live. Then Setanta wanted to
move it again to Sunday evening to show then but the local police refused on
safety grounds. Setanta have now dropped it as a live match and Aldershot
wanted to move it back to the Saturday but we refused as all our plans have
been built around it being on the Tuesday.

This TV deal really is messing everyone around!